I recently did a blog about high fructose corn syrup and it’s controversial debate.  And while I think it’s helpful to get the word out about how many foods contain HFCS, I also thought it would be more helpful for those of you just starting to ‘un’process yourselves to have a list of products that DO NOT contain any HFCS.

I have been working on this list for quite some time!  And I’m sure there are many more products that can be added to it.  But, well, I had to get the lists out of my purse AND off the dining room table AND off my smart phone and compiled into one complete list!  🙂

To be quite honest though, I have been torn as to whether or not I would publish this list because although these products don’t contain any HFCS, there are some on here that I do not feel are healthy at all!  But I am a realist and I do understand there are working families out there who simply CANNOT plant, grow, process and make all their meals from scratch.  There are times when families have to rely on what’s on the store’s shelves.  This list I am hoping will at least help you make better choices when that time arises.

I will also be updating each time I find a new product to add~ and you can ask my kids how excited I get when I find one.   And please feel free to email me or comment below if you find an item to add as well.



  • Sierra Mist Natural
  • Trader Joes Cola
  • Trader Joes Cream Soda
  • Trader Joes Root Beer
  • 7UP Retro
  • Capri Sun All Natural
  • Bolthouse Smoothies (I didn’t check ALL of them)
  • Green tea
  • Organic milk



  • Arnold Natural Health Nut
  • Country Hearth 12 Grain
  • Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat
  • Nature’s Pride
  • Pepperidge Farm’s 100% Natural
  • Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Wheat



  • Cheerios
  • Most Kashi cereals
  • Life
  • Shredded Wheat




  • Annie’s Natural Organic
  • Heinz Organic
  • Trader Joes Organic


  • Hellmanns


  • Annie’s Natural Organic



  • Mi-Del Graham Crackers
  • Mi-Del Ginger Snaps (long list I know)



  • Triscuits
  • Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish (I won’t get into what ELSE is in there right now)
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers



NOTE:  The overwhelming majority of ice creams I picked up had HFCS in them.  Stick with plain ice creams.

  • Haagen Daas Vanilla (my ultimate favorite!  It has less than 5 ingredients – the way it SHOULD be!)
  • Haagen Daas Coffee
  • Breyer’s All Natural Vanilla (watch Breyers, the more you steer away from just plain ice cream, it gets ugly)



  • Smuckers Organic Preserves
  • Pollaner All Fruit



  • Smucker’s All Natural PB
  • Trader Joes Creamy brand



NOTE:  This list has been prepared with just HFCS in mind.  I want you to still be a label reader and watch the first ingredient in most store bought dressings, which tends to be a refined oil, whether canola, vegetable or soybean oil.  (Notice there is nothing from Hidden Valley, Kraft or the other big name manufacturers!)

  • Annie’s Natural Goddess Dressing
  • Annie’s Roasted Pepper Vinaigrette
  • Newman’s Own Cranberry Walnut



  • Dannon Activia
  • Dannon All Natural Coffee and Vanilla flavors
  • Dannon Lite and Fit Vanilla
  • Fage Greek Yogurt
  • Horizon Organic
  • Stonyfield Yo Baby
  • Stonyfield

Have any more items to add to the list?  Email them to me!

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  1. Hi, stumbled upon your list this morning, thanks for the info. I wanted to add, though, that both the honey wheat & the whole wheat bread from Aldi do not contain HFCS as well. Not sure about their other breads, though, but we normally don’t buy white. Thought you might like to know, maybe you want to add these 2 products to your list. Have a great day.

  2. Dawn Wilson says:

    I am looking for items that are not only HFCS free but also gluten free. Any ideas?? Thanks 🙂

  3. You need to remove sierra mist natural as it is now mist twist and hfcs laden

  4. Amen Lloyd, you are absolutely right. The FDA is so crooked.!! Money has ruined peoples judgement and soul’s.

  5. My husband has gout very bad for the last 16 years. One thing that fires it up is the HFCS! It will immediately flare it up. Not sure if it is gout or just plain arthritis. But if you have either ailment, watch the HFCS!

    • After I went gluten free I never had another bout of gout again. Before that, even the cherry juice and the black bean water/sauce I had to drink every day to keep gout at bay were starting to fail and I was really suffering-despite being in my early forties at that time.

  6. Since i no longer have a thyroid i get sick within a few minutes of eating something with HFCS in it…my body tells me anyways as a result i’ve learned these things don’t have HFCS

    Pepsi made with real sugar
    Jarrito’s soda in several flavors (comes from Mexico about 75 cents a bottle at our local supermarket)
    Mountain Dew Throwbacks
    Wild Cherry Pepsi made with real sugar
    Nature’s Own white wheat bread/buns
    Simply Hunts keohup

    I’m searching for a sweet and sour sauce (not kikomann’s thats nasty) without HFCS that is similar to the one made by Kraft or McD, don’t like the soy flavoring… and some decent ice cream that don’t have it in it… So suggestions are welcome…

  7. I have been on a search for products with no HFCS for years ever since I learned in nursing school years ago that our bodies cannot process it and it is immediately stored as fat. I have come across many products now that do no contain HFCS and more and more are popping up on store shelves due to increased awareness. Here are a couple I have found that are not on your list:

    Simply Heinz ketchup
    Welch’s Reduced Sugar Grape Jelly
    Del Monte Sweet Pickle Relish
    Chobani plain greek yogurt
    KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce (although homemade bbq sauce is best)

  8. Kraft has now gotten on board with 2 spreads that do not contain HFCS; they are Kraft Olive Oil Mayo and Olive Oil Miracle Whip (with peanut butter is the BEST!). I’ve had 4 heart attacks, so I read every label on every product I pick up.

    I don’t know who makes the Kroger brand of peanut butter, but whomever it is, bless them forever for making it with peanuts and sugar AND fully hydrogenated oils!! (again, peanut butter and Miracle Whip!!!)

    Hunts ketchup in all variety’s that I have found thus far are all free of HFCS. It’s part of their corporate motto to not poison people ;O)

    • thanks for your comments James. Sorry to hear about the heart attacks. It still stumps me when I hear people saying in the store, “It doesn’t matter, they’re all the same”. ugh !!!

  9. HFCS is only part of the problem. Most yogurts contain carrageenan which is a preservative /msg. If you have any sensitivity to msg there are many more things in most processed foods that should be avoided. All natural means nothing and organic doesn’t mean safe. Sticking with fresh foods is about the only way

  10. Lloyd Cox says:

    I believe, too many people in our government and in the FDA has financial ties in many of the companies that use HFCS and other GMO’s. And in order to keep the money rolling in, the allow this companies to continue the use of many food processing at the expense of their customers health and well being.
    I personally feel that the FDA needs to be taken to court and sued, in the same respect that a doctor and hospitals are accountable, the Food Industry, Monsanto, Dow Chemical and others and the FDA need also to be held accountable, in a big way!

  11. Michael Sadler says:

    with all the over weight people in the USA why doesn’t our government set regulations on use of HFCS in foods in many cases we don’t have a choice of what foods to buy with out HFCS unless we do with out USA was a leader now we add HFCS to increase profit for our stock holders rather than making a quality product that your body can metabolize

    • HFCS is banned in the UK, therefore, I don’t quite understand why our government allows the use of this poison here in our country. We need a White House petition started once Trump is the president to have it banned here. Obama believes in EVERYTHING that is bad for the U.S., so starting a petition now would be like asking Canada to take back Justin Bieber.

      • Anonymous says:

        Can you find something else to blame Obama for? This poison was in our foods long before he took office!

        • I REALLY hope they ban HFCS in the U.S. For me, I am 24 and I have A.D.H.D. and Asperger’s. When I have something with HFCS it gives me a bad headache. That is why when I go shopping with my mom or my aunt I have to quadruple read the ingredients. LITERALLY!!!! I would be so happy if they not only banned HFCS in the U.S. but keep it out of everything forever!!!! THAT would make me the happiest person on the planet!!!!

        • Debra D. says:

          He is simply saying it would be useless to make the attempt while Obama is in office.

  12. Trader Joes mayonnaise not only doesn’t have HFCS but no sugar either! Their Kosher sandwich pickles don’t have HFCS either.

  13. Twon Dako says:

    Thanks for creating this list Debi. I visit this site to check out your updates regularly. You have saved me with the Joe’s soda..if you know what I mean. Here is something to add to your list of no HFCS products. These products have been clearly labeled on the packages as “No High Fructose Corn Syrup”. For me if it not clearly labeled on package as such, I don’t trust it because HFCS can be disguised as “sugar” and this is legal and permitted by FDA.

    Peter Pan peanut butter (Labeled No HFCS) I get mine from Walmart
    Concord grape Jelly (labeled No HFCS) I get it from Walmart
    Nutri Grain bars (Labeled No HFCS) I get mine from Walmart
    Swiss Premium juice (Labeled No HFCS) I get it from Giant Eagle
    Bread – L’Oven n Fresh brand. (Labeled No HFCS) I get it from Aldi

    If I come across more products I will add a comment here.

  14. I can confirm Duke’s (Mayo), Classico and some of Ragu’s (Pasta), Mott’s Natural Apple Sauce, I also noticed many food with diet, sugar free, no added sugar, and lite do not contain HFCS ;however they might have additives i.e. Phenyl, artifact sweeter, modified, etc, though.

    I am not surprised to see something happen like that because many of them renamed HFCS to Corn Sugar, Modified Corn, Corn Substitute, etc that’s why I refuse to buy food that mentions word phase “Corn” which I’d know they do have HFCS.

    Kellogg is HFCS fanatic because almost all of brands have HFCS and is notoriety for hide their own agendas i.e. rename HFCS with usually Corn Sugar or Modified Corn.

    In fact, Kashi cereals turned out to be unhealthy because they kept secret until someone exposed their frauds. Not mention most of them are contain load of additives. I had no idea of the fact they’re part of Kellogg.

    Oh, I avoid cereals because none of them are healthy even Cheerios which contain modified corn starch.

    I wonder about bread stuffing because I wasn’t able to find HFCS free bread stuffing at Winn Dixie, Publix, Walmart, or even Sweet Bay. So I wonder do any of you know one brand that doesn’t have HFCS or label mention corn ?.

    • Craig motyka says:

      Yes aldi store brand loven fresh doesnt contain HFCs or xantham gum and it is the cheapest store bread that I have found .85 a loaf run to aldi for your breads

    • Homemade is best. With all the talk about GMOs in grain, I save my stale organic bread ends , either Nature’s Promise Organic whole grain or Ezekiel Organic whole grain and chop it up in my food processor. Add some melted butter and stir.

  15. Steph O'Connell says:

    I don’t believe Chobani Yogurt has HFCS.

  16. Anjie Lea says:

    Hunt’s ketchup is safe too and very affordable

    • Hi Anjie – it depends on which bottle you pick up it seems. Of the 4 I picked up 2 had HFCS and 2 didn’t. Go figure. But what they all DID have were Natural Flavors, which in my opinion should be avoided as well.

      The brand I buy now is from Krogers Simply Organic line and there’s no HFCS OR natural flavors.
      thanks for your comment

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