Chicken Salad with Greek Yogurt, Apples and Pecans

This chicken salad has had a makeover.  I’ve had a recipe for chicken salad for close to 15 years now.  It used full fat mayonnaise with just celery and apple.  So I wanted to try something that would omit the mayo and maybe add a few more ingredients to bulk it up. I’ve seen recipes […]

5 Lunch Ideas under 400 Calories

We have all heard by now that strictly counting calories, fat or carbs isn’t a long term solution to weight loss.  It is important, however, to have a round about idea of how many calories you are consuming daily, as well as your fiber and protein intake. The ‘experts’ all still agree that a balanced diet […]

Southwestern Black Beans and Rice

If you are looking to cut back on the amount of red meat you and your family are eating, but still get the protein that our bodies need, then beans may be the answer. Did you know that beans are so nutritious for us that the latest dietary guidelines are suggesting we TRIPLE our intake from […]

5 Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

We are on Week 3 of our gluten free experiment for our daughter.  She (fortunately AND unfortunately) is doing MUCH better. As most of you know, my life’s purpose is to feed my family whole, real foods that nature intended as much as possible.  I spend over 10 hours a day between working on this […]

Spinach Salad with Apples, Feta and Bacon

A local restaurant has this Spinach salad I actually crave.  Do you ever crave food?  You know when you can actually taste it?  You can feel the texture in your mouth.  You can visualize yourself taking the first bite, closing your eyes and going “mmmmm”. That’s what I am like with this salad.  I am so […]

Veggie Quesadillas

How many of your kids (or you… come on be honest) have eaten quesadillas when you go out for dinner?  My kids usually got the chicken and cheese ones.  I made the mistake of looking up the nutritional content of the quasedillas from Applebees, which I will GLADLY share with you later. I will admit I […]

Chick-fil-A Knockoff Sandwich

  We don’t go to fast food chains very often.  There are a few that I can name that I’d have to be almost dead from starvation before I’d eat there.  One of them has a clown with red hair and the other has a crown (hint hint). Anyway, when we moved down south to Virginia […]

Smoked Mozzerella, Chicken, Spinach and Penne Salad

  I’ve been on a carb kick lately for some reason.  Usually when I see recipes with some sort of pasta I tend to shy away from them not because I’m a low carb guru, but because of the refined white flours and sugars in the pasta itself. We are still experimenting with whole wheat pasta.  […]

Butter & Garlic Cream Sauce

Yum Need a sauce to put over pasta that is done in less than 5 minutes and has less than 5 ingredients!!!! Look no further! This garlic and butter cream sauce is restaurant worthy and has fast become one of the most popular recipes on this site. I had these Butternut Squash Ravioli from Trader […]

Crispy Chicken Wraps

This recipe was adapted from Cooks Country and they are simply delicious!  One thing you’ll notice as you stop eating processed foods are the snacks come to an abrupt halt.  These are the types of things I like to make and put in the fridge for when the kids need a snack. Granted, the tortillas are […]

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