Shocking Sugar Finds ~ Part I

Why don’t we look at sugar? When it comes to the American diet and dieting, we have become very focused on the latest fads and fixes we have been advised by media, doctors, big corporations,etc.  Some of this advice has included counting or watching: Calories (which prompted the artificial sweeteners like Aspartame to give us Zero […]

Food isn’t food anymore

Great visual graphic from my friends at Healthcare Management on the myriad of fillers and additives found in our food system in the United States. Source:

Our take on Cheese

We’ve been getting a lot of reader comments lately about cheese and other dairy products that we use and what our feelings are regarding them.   Your concerns were … if we are avoiding processed foods, then how is it we still eat cheese, yogurt, sour cream and mayo like in this Tortilla Soup recipe? The latest comment […]

Flintstone’s Vitamins ~ Are they Safe?

Do you give your kids daily vitamins such as Flintstone’s?  Then you might want to read this post. Flintstones Vitamins are supposed to be the Pediatrician’s #1 Choice, right?  But do all Pediatricians know the shocking list of chemicals that are in these vitamins?  THE CLAIM: I looked up Flintstones Chewable Vitamins with Iron for kids.   […]

Label Confusion: Del Monte Healthy Kids Peaches

Have you ever noticed how many choices there are these days when it comes to canned fruit?  In my local Kroger supermarket there are actually THREE different places you can find canned fruit. One is in the organic or natural section, the other is with the other canned products like soups and vegetables and the […]

Where are GMOs hiding?

GMOs (or genetically modified foods) are in almost every processed food made.  And chances are if you are eating store bought, packaged foods then you are eating them at almost every meal. I did a blog on where to find GMOs in food but even after I posted it, I was still a little confused.   If the product […]

Tamari or Soy Sauce – Is there a difference?

We no longer use mainstream, run of the mill soy sauces anymore due to the chemicals and high MSG content.  When I do come across a recipe that calls for soy sauce I now use something called Tamari.  Tamari is a type of soy sauce used mainly in Japanese cooking.   So the title of my post […]

The Myth behind “Natural”

The natural and organic food movement has proven itself to be here to stay.  What started as a ‘trend’ has now become over a $90 billion enterprise according to Natural Food Merchandiser’s website. Consumers are tired of the nutritionally void, commercially processed, fake foods that line store shelves these days.  However, be very leary of […]

The Top 5 Best and Worst Cereals

Did you know that cereal is the top breakfast food in our country?  And it’s no wonder.  It’s easy, it’s convenient, it can be eaten in a bowl with milk, put in a little travel cup for kids, heck it can even be eaten for dinner. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the […]

Understanding Labels ~ Health Valley Cereal Bars

Nothing gets me going faster than food manufacturers jumping on every damn ban wagon there is to milk us out of our money!  I want you to take a look at these cereal bars from Health Valley.  I was in the supermarket today just perusing the aisles to see what’s new and I felt like label reading.  […]

Gatorade has more than electrolytes in it

I know a lot of people who drink Gatorade and even more moms who give it to their kids, preschoolers, and even toddlers.  They feel it’s better than water because it replenishes electrolytes.  But first of all what exactly are electrolytes? I am not a science major and this isn’t a science course so I’ll […]

Food Dyes

Food dyes … artificial food coloring.  It’s in more that just birthday cake these days. Artificial dyes are showing up in alarming numbers in our food supply!  They are derived from petroleum.  Ahem … did you hear me?  Pet ro le um … yes the same petroleum that’s in our cars.  Processed birthday cake is […]

Artificial Sweeteners

Tasting a food for sweetness isn’t anything new.  Man first learned how to eat based on his sense of sweetness.  Something sweet was to be eaten.  Something bitter could be toxic.  Sugar is one of the most important flavoring substances.  It provides a sweet taste and provides a boost of energy.  Partaking in too many […]

Why you should never eat refined oils

When it comes to eating healthy, it starts with what you are cooking WITH.   With the endless choices on the store shelves it’s hard to know which to choose.  Butter vs. margarine, extra virgin olive oils, refined oils like vegetable and canola. There is evidence pointing in the direction that it isn’t animal fats causing our epidemic […]

Red No 3 is still in some PEEPS Marshmallows

PEEPS Marshmallows are very popular during this time of year.  They tend to be stuffed in little children’s Easter baskets all over the United States.  While we all know PEEPS don’t come from a PEEP tree, they are sugar, preservatives and chemicals, I did want to take the time to mention that not all PEEPS […]