4 Avocado Hacks You Need to Know

For a fruit that’s so fabulous and delicious, finding one that’s perfectly ripe—and keeping it that way—can be almost impossible to do. Here are 4 easy hacks that make shopping, storing, and using avocados crazy easy, along with using those over ripe ones! Pull Don’t Squeeze We’ve all given an avocado a squeeze to tell whether it’s […]

10 Real Food Snacks For On-The-Go Moms

Ok moms, it’s almost the end of February and lacrosse season is starting.  If your kids are in sports like mine are you can (and will) find yourself on the road a lot and having easy to pack on-the-go snacks can be critical. When my kids were younger (elem school age) the parents were asked […]

Tip! Flavor Soups with Cheese Rind

We go through a good amount of parmesan and parmesan/romano cheese in our house, and I used to just throw the rind away. This was until I discovered this well kept secret used by chefs around the world! And boy am I mad I didn’t know this sooner! Save the rind from chunks of parmesan or romano cheese and […]

Breyers kicks the hormones to the Curb!

This may be old news for some of you (Feb) but I still wanted to spread the word because it’s another small step towards transparency in our food system. Breyer’s has announced it stopped using milk and cream from cows treated with artificial growth hormones, becoming the latest big brand to shift toward more natural […]

10 Ideas for Quick Healthy Meals

If you’re like most Americans your day is busy with not a lot of wiggle room.  Do you often find that what you PLANNED on preparing for dinner sits in the fridge because it requires too much work or you just don’t feel like making it? What about breakfast?  Do you rely on prepackaged boxed items instead of fresh […]

How to Eat If You’re Avoiding GMOs

I love this graphic from Whole Foods describing GMOs (genetically modified foods) and how to avoid them in the supermarket. Just because a lot of the produce isn’t genetically modified doesn’t mean you should buy conventional.  Conventional produce still contains harmful pesticides and chemicals.  So organic is still best.  

The Truth about Vitamin Water

I am doing this blog today because one of my dearest friends is having some health issues that she feels maybe an extra dose of vitamins couldn’t fix. She has been to her primary Doctor to have blood work done to see if there is anything she is “lacking”. She’s has been to subsequent doctors […]

Does your rice need to be organic?

I came across something very interesting today that I wanted to share with you. Since we have gone unprocessed in 2012 we continue to decrease the amount of foods we eat which contain white flour and white sugar all the time, this means less spaghetti, noodles, and pastas.  I will be open and honest here and say […]

Is Evaporated Cane Juice Better than Sugar?

What is Evaporated Cane Juice? Before I started dissecting labels as an addiction habit, I bypassed the term EVAPORATED CANE JUICE quite frequently.  Most people look for the word sugar and when they don’t see it, they may think the product contains less sugar. But that is false. Sugar has taken on many names in the […]

Shocking Sugar Finds ~ Part I

Why don’t we look at sugar? When it comes to the American diet and dieting, we have become very focused on the latest fads and fixes we have been advised by media, doctors, big corporations,etc.  Some of this advice has included counting or watching: Calories (which prompted the artificial sweeteners like Aspartame to give us Zero […]

Our take on Cheese

We’ve been getting a lot of reader comments lately about cheese and other dairy products that we use and what our feelings are regarding them.   Your concerns were … if we are avoiding processed foods, then how is it we still eat cheese, yogurt, sour cream and mayo like in this Tortilla Soup recipe? The latest comment […]

Label Confusion: Del Monte Healthy Kids Peaches

Have you ever noticed how many choices there are these days when it comes to canned fruit?  In my local Kroger supermarket there are actually THREE different places you can find canned fruit. One is in the organic or natural section, the other is with the other canned products like soups and vegetables and the […]

Where are GMOs hiding?

GMOs (or genetically modified foods) are in almost every processed food made.  And chances are if you are eating store bought, packaged foods then you are eating them at almost every meal. I did a blog on where to find GMOs in food but even after I posted it, I was still a little confused.   If the product […]

Tamari or Soy Sauce – Is there a difference?

We no longer use mainstream, run of the mill soy sauces anymore due to the chemicals and high MSG content.  When I do come across a recipe that calls for soy sauce I now use something called Tamari.  Tamari is a type of soy sauce used mainly in Japanese cooking.   So the title of my post […]

The Myth behind “Natural”

The natural and organic food movement has proven itself to be here to stay.  What started as a ‘trend’ has now become over a $90 billion enterprise according to Natural Food Merchandiser’s website. Consumers are tired of the nutritionally void, commercially processed, fake foods that line store shelves these days.  However, be very leary of […]