Mocha Coffee Frappe

mocha coffee frappe

One  the best tricks I've learned so far (while adopting our new real foods lifestyle) is freezing bananas. I NEVER throw away bananas anymore ... as a matter of fact when I don't have any frozen bananas on hand I buy the old ones at the supermarket that are already turning brown and chop them up … [Continue reading]

Is Evaporated Cane Juice Better than Sugar?


What is Evaporated Cane Juice? Before I started dissecting labels as an addiction habit, I bypassed the term EVAPORATED CANE JUICE quite frequently.  Most people look for the word sugar and when they don't see it, they may think the product contains less sugar. But that is false. Sugar … [Continue reading]

5 minute Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip

cream cheese pumpkin dip

I've come across a ton of recipes on Pinterest lately that are all things pumpkin.  'Tis the season after all. One recipe that intrigued me was … [Continue reading]

10 Banned Foods that Every American Should Stop Eating


Before we underwent the 10 Week Challenge to start getting rid of the processed foods in our house, I am being totally honest in saying I only read … [Continue reading]

Shocking Sugar Finds ~ Part I

sugar experiment odwalla

Why don't we look at sugar? When it comes to the American diet and dieting, we have become very focused on the latest fads and fixes we have been … [Continue reading]

Easy Mexican Rice

easy mexican rice

If you are anything like me I have struggled to make fluffy rice my whole life.  It always seems to come out either overcooked or mushy.  I've played … [Continue reading]

Food isn’t food anymore


Great visual graphic from my friends at Healthcare Management on the myriad of fillers and additives found in our food system in the United … [Continue reading]

Make THIS! Not THAT!: Peanut Butter Cookies


MAKE THIS! I recently came across a recipe on for peanut butter cookies.  I don't want to call attention to any one person in … [Continue reading]

Have you heard about the new app ‘Snap’ from Groupon?


I just heard this on CNN this morning and had to pass it along to all those money saving moms (and dads) out there! It's an app by Groupon called … [Continue reading]

Chicken Parmesan

chicken parm

Why am I doing a post on basic Chicken Parmesan?  Well I guess it's to share with you some of the issues I've had when making it and not being all … [Continue reading]