Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

peanut butter yogurt dip

Do your kids love to dip as much as mine do??   I swear it's in their DNA to dip. Unfortunately not all dips are created equal though.  Lots of the prepackaged ones are loaded with sodium, sugar, calories and the unmentionables.  But if done right, and made at home, dips are a great way to ADD … [Continue reading]

The Green Way to Clean Scratches off of Leather

PicMonkey Collage

I ABSOLUTELY swear to you, this is the couch in my living room. And THESE are before and after photos of it!!! I am on a bender lately on cleaning my house WITHOUT the use of the toxic and harmful chemicals you find in bottled products. The last post I did on cleaning the grout in my … [Continue reading]

Pumpkin Pie Spice Smoothie


I've been requested to put more delicious smoothies on my website ~ more specifically, LESS green smoothies and MORE milk or yogurt based smoothies!  … [Continue reading]

8 of the Best Weight Loss Foods


  Everyone knows by now that 'You Are What You Eat', right? We all know this. We've heard it a hundred times before. The thing … [Continue reading]

Easy Yellow Rice

yellow rice

Since our desire to remove white flours and sugars from our diet in 2011, I have been turning more and more towards rice as a side dish.  The whole … [Continue reading]

Cleaning Without Chemicals


My New Year ~ New Me! continues today with a not so party friendly topic ~ cleaning products.  I don't expect you to go to your next party boasting … [Continue reading]

Mediterranean Spinach, Cannellini Bean and Barley Soup

spinach cannellini barley soup

This soup was supposed to be something else but ended up being a happy accident instead.   :) I have decided to go public with a condition I have … [Continue reading]

Why You Should Start Dry Brushing Today


Have you ever heard of dry brushing before? This is a simple, daily practice that I started just over a year ago.  It's inexpensive, it doesn't … [Continue reading]

Top Recipes & Posts of 2014

top recipes 2014

We had a record year in 2014 with over 2 MILLION page views!   It just goes to show how many people REALLY do want transparency in our food system, to … [Continue reading]

Optimize Your Health


Happy New Year !! Well, the holidays are behind us now and the hustle and bustle has calmed down. Most of us felt some sort of stress or anxiety … [Continue reading]